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Exploring Mindfulness: What happens in our Kids Yoga Camps?

We love running our Kids Yoga Camps at The Calm Club. A whole day of wellbeing for little (and big!) minds.

But unless you've actually joined us for a camp, you might be wondering what actually happens at our kids camps? Are there tents? Campfires? Or just yoga mats....?

Come and see what we get up to below!


We select activities to focus on different aspects of wellbeing such as relaxation, focus, empowerment, fun, creativity and positivity!

Our camps are a mixture of Yoga, Craft, Art, Games, Meditation and Outdoor Play, with our ethos being that there is something enjoyable for everyone!

Sample Day

10am Drop off & Welcome Circle

- You will be greeted by a Calm Club Teacher and given a name badge. We normally start the day with some mindful colouring on your designated yoga mat! We then introduce everyone in a welcome circle.

10.15 - 11.15am Yoga Class

- We will move through a yoga sequence or story, discovering what feels good in our bodies, and ending in a peaceful meditation or relaxation. It doesn't matter if you've never done yoga before!

11 .15 - 11.45am Break

- A chance to play, have a snack and chat with your new friends

11 .45 - 12.30pm Games

- Weather dependant, we may go outside to play in nature, but love this part of the day rain or shine!

12.30 - 1pm Lunch - A delicious, vegetarian and healthy lunch is provided on most of our camps, with a mindful eating workshop as part of the break.

1 - 2pm Mindful Craft & Leaving circle

- We end the day with a mindful craft to take home, using sustainable materials.

IF this sounds like something you or your child would LOVE, click here to stay up to date with all of our offerings through The Calm Club Community

We can't wait to have you!

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