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Yoga for Schools

The Calm Club are committed to bringing yoga to schools and nurseries in Bristol. Classes are adapted to the age of the student and are available from Preschool to KS4. 

Classes we offer

In person

We come to you to deliver in person classes, workshops, events and training for kids yoga. 


Across the UK we offer all of our classes and workshops live virtually, for classes of any size. 


Buy a pre-recorded brain break, class or workshop from us to use again and again wtih your school.

Why Yoga in School?

Teachers and researchers report that stress and anxiety levels in schools are rising, especially after the Pandemic. 

The Calm Club exists to help solve this problem. 

We offer a curriculum that can weave into any part of the school day, is trauma-informed and inclusive, and follows the UK Curriculum requirements.  Our yoga classes are taught in a child-friendly, fun and positive way that all children can access. 


What a wonderful experience each class had today through the mindfulness and yoga sessions run by The Calm Club.




Tash worked her positivity brilliantly with all age groups from Reception to Year 6, ensuring the sessions were calm, mindful as well as fun, allowing the children to focus on the present - such a vital skill for children to master in an ever-busy world and life! 

The children loved participating in the workshops as part of Children's Mental Health Week and have been able to see how yoga can be built into their lives outside of school.

-Bussage Primary Head

Reg Form

School Registration Form

Which program are you interested in?
What type of session?

At The Calm Club we are committed to teaching yoga to all children.  Our yoga classes, which are taught in a fun, child-friendly way, can help to build attention span, self-regulation, body positivity, confidence, strength, flexibility, balance, resilience, and social-emotional awareness.   We believe that yoga tools help children with many of the problems that face our communities:  anxiety, depression, poor fitness,  and behavioural challenges.  We seek to democratize yoga in a fun, friendly way through our classes and workshops. 


Looking for children's yoga outside of school? We've got you covered! Click here for our camps, classes and parties >>>

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