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Why Yoga?


This is a question we get asked A LOT!  And we love answering it.


For us, yoga is not just about what happens on the mat, it's a way for kids to explore what it means to be themselves in ALL areas of their lives. 

We're committed to bringing impactful, evidence based cirriculums to kids. 

Child in Air Yoga

Physical Health

  • Improves balance and coordination

  • Greater proprioception

  • Aids sleep

  • Helps digestion and circulation

  • Encourages deep breathing (which has many benefits!)

  • Improves posture 

Mental Health

  • Explores it means to be calm

  • Connects students to themselves and their emotions

  • Improves focus and concentration

  • Non-competitive activity that boosts self esteem

  • Improves team-working skills, especially in group work

  • Helps understand emotions

  • Provides a space to be wholly themselves, without judgement 

Happy Kids Huddle
Happy Kid

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