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We love collaborating with diverse people and businesses! The Calm Club are committed to bringing yoga to schools, community centres, and businesses in Bristol and Stroud.

Help us spread the love!

I am a...


We bring yoga to your corporate or charity setting - online or in person! 

Yoga Teacher

Teach & train with us in a supportive, welcoming environment.  


Find out how to bring yoga to your school, and be trained in yoga!

Business Collaborations

We love to bring kids yoga to your business, charity or event.

Whether you require us to provide yoga workshops for children in a one off or regular setting, we are adaptable to work with you.

Some of the local businesses we have collaborated with: 

Progressive Sports - HAF Sports Camps

Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust - Nature Nurture  Mental Health Days

Stroud District Kids Stuff - Parent & Toddler Yoga

Stroud Brewery - Halloween Yoga Workshop


Kids Yoga Teacher Training &
Mindful Training for Teachers

Coming Soon!

Training for Educators

Our mission is to hand children tools to live a more mindful life. One space we believe this is very important is with educators.

Coming from an education background, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities that educators face, and strive to bring mindfulness and yoga into the school day in a way that benefits adults and children. 

We work with schools and educators to to bring mindfulness to the forefront of your school setting through:

- Workshops & Training (COMING SOON!)

- Ongoing support 

-Yoga clubs and after-school programmes

-Yoga for Teachers & Staff

Yoga teacher

Teach with us!

We are always interested to hear form children's yoga teachers, or people wanting to gain experience in this space.

We off volunteer spaces, and contractor jobs for the right people, and strive to give you some experience that will help you become a better teacher and offerer of these practices

If you are interested in changing the world of the young people around us, get in touch!

Looking for events and classes? Click here for our weekly and one off events, classes, camps and booking online! >>>

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