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8 Fantastic Ways Yoga Supports Children During Winter

Winter has arrived, with its excitement, cold and shorter days.

For many of us, winter is a time that brings change (perceived as both good and bad) into our lives. Sometimes, it feels like the darkness stops us doing the things we love, and the cold can make us want to hibernate.

Children also feel this change, and can feel low in mood, see changing sleep patterns, or simply feel different due to the change in weather. Christmas and the holidays brings up challenging feelings for some of us too, and can be a sensitive time of year.

So, how can yoga help?

Yoga is a mind-body awareness tool that helps children navigate change in many ways. We see yoga as a toolbox of poses, breathing, check-ins and relaxation that can be a powerful combination over the colder months of winter.

Here are 8 of our favourite reasons do yoga in Winter!

1. Staying active!

The cold of winter can make being outside more challenging, so yoga is a great alternative to movement that boosts energy and fitness levels in an accessible way.

2. Keeps lungs healthy

Breathing practices in yoga have been proven to improve lung function, which is hugely important for the colder months when we might breathe less efficiently.

3. Helps ward off infections and colds

Breathing, yoga poses and relaxation help children's immune systems to stay strong, through reducing stress and promoting wellbeing.

4. Connect to emotions

Yoga is a great practice for children to be kind to themselves during the winter months. In coming to the yoga mat, being gentle with our bodies, we can notice how we are today and be kind to how we are feeling.

5. Taking rest

During winter our bodies are designed to need to rest more. When it is cold, children need a way to rest to keep them healthy and balanced. Yoga promotes rest through savasana, or final pose of class.

So the message of this blog is to keep practicing. Yoga for children has so many benefits, and is a year-round accessible activity!

Our mission is to hand children tools to live a more mindful life. We run Camps during winter that give children a chance to explore Yoga and Mindfulness.

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