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10 amazing reasons to train as a Children's Yoga Teacher (with The Calm Club!)

You may have heard that we are running a training in Children's Yoga!

Having taught thousands of children in schools, nurseries, workshops, camps and through families, we have some pretty good experience to share.

Perhaps you're a parent, wanting to learn about your child's mind and how to work with behaviours. Maybe you're a teacher or TA, excited about the idea of sharing mindfulness with your class but don't know where to start. Or perhaps you just love teaching yoga, and want to pivot your business and equip yourself with a way to get into a fast-growing market.

Whatever your reasons for being here, we believe being a yoga teacher is one of the BEST jobs you can have.

Here's 10 reasons why we love teaching Children's Yoga (and think you will too):

1. You will make a difference to young lives 💛

The top reason to become a children's yoga teacher is because of the way you will positively impact the lives of children that you reach.

Research shows that mental health across the UK is becoming more unpredictable, but especially amongst children. Very sadly, data shows that children's wellbeing is at a 10-year low.

Through children's yoga, mindfulness, sharing joy and games, and teaching young people the tools to manage their mental wellbeing - you can make a huge difference.

2. It is hugely fun!

Children are naturally creative, full of energy, talkative and receptive. This makes for a lot of fun when teaching them something like yoga.

In yoga for children we play games, do partner work, and ask the children to contribute to the class through stories and craft.

If you've ever been to an adults class, children's yoga looks vastly different (and in our eyes can be so much more varied and fun!)

3. Make a positive impact on young people's lives

Many children don't enjoy sport or games that are traditional. Yoga offers a completely non-competitive way for children to move and explore their bodies.

Through this, and in so many other ways you will make a positive impact in children's and families lives that you teach.

4. Diversify your income

Working for yourself is hard work. The more strings you have to your bow, the more likely your business will be sustainable and work for you.

Children's yoga can be taught in schools, nurseries, community centres, playgroups, with families, in studios, summer camps and many more!

These varied opportunities are well-paid and growing quickly. Plus, if you train with us we have lots of opportunities offered to you through our network of business connections!

5. Work during the day

A simple but important point: children's yoga invariably happens during the day. This means that rather than teaching classes at night time, or one weekends, you can fit classes into your day time schedule.

We love the fact that we can work fewer antisocial hours thorough children's yoga.

6. Improve your own stress resilience

In our training we place a huge importance on practices that sustain you as a teacher.

You cannot pour from an empty cup, and self-care is places at the forefront of our training so you can thrive as a teacher and person after training with us.

7. Tap in to a hugely growing market

The children's yoga market continues to grow year on year, as more and more people wake up to the importance of children's wellness.

In our post-pandemic UK, we are being inundated with requests from schools for workshops, classes and trainings. You can tap into this market straight away after training with us!

8. Learn tools for children's wellbeing

Any children you work with, or your own children will benefit from your new understanding of wellbeing including the breath, body and yoga poses.

9. Understand children's minds in a brand new way

This training is a chance to gain knowledge about your child or children that you work with. Since becoming children's yoga teachers we see the development of children in a very different way.

The way that we teach and communicate with children is now more compassionate, and based on researched methods of doing so.

10. Connect to a new community

A hugely important part of running a business is the community you connect to. This training will give you a chance to make new, supportive connections that last.

We offer support during and after the training so you can flourish as the best children's teacher you can be!

Our mission is to hand children tools to live a more mindful life. One space we believe this is very important is with educators. Coming from an education background, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities that educators face, and strive to bring mindfulness and yoga into the school day in a way that benefits adults and children. ​

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