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4 Mindful Kids Activities for This Summer

It's summer! (..unless you're reading this in November, in which case, come back later!...) Having spoken to a number of parents about their summer plans, many of us are at a loss on how to entertain children for 6+ weeks.

Summer holidays can be huge amounts of fun, but can also feel like a long time.

So, here I'm sharing a few of my favourite yoga activities that keep kids engaged, mindful, and having fun!

1. Make a mind-in-a-jar

Kids in my classes absolutely LOVE this one, and so will yours! Super simple, sustainable and keeps forever as a mindful tool.

1. Grab: empty glass jars (with lids), glitter, beads, ribbons, coloured pens + water

2. Put glitter, beads, ect into the glass jar, decorate the outside as you like.

3. Fill with water (+ some pva glue if you like)

4. Shake to meditate and watch the glitter settle. Can you be still and quiet as you do this?

2. Play 'Yogi says'

Yogi Says - a great game for all ages. Testing focus, memory and knowledge of yoga poses!

Played in exactly the same way as Simon Says, but replace Simon with 'Yogi', and actions with Yoga poses!

"Yogi Says is my favourite game." – Year 5 student

3. Tummy snake

One to help your kids relax with their friends or siblings.

Each child is to lie on the next child's tummy, gently placing their head down until there's a long line of children, each connected by their heads. Ask everyone if they can relax enough (once they've had a giggle!), to feel each other breathing.

Can they make their breath synchronised?

4. Make Yoga illustrations

A simple but fun one.

Get your art equipment out, and ask children what their favourite poses are. With guidance (or not) to make drawings of them. These can be made into cards for various games!

Enjoy and stay safe!

So there we have it! Some mindful games and activities for children over the summer.

Fancy joining us in person? Click here to see what we have on offer in the south west.

Let us know how you get on below!

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