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3 Simple & Powerful Activities to connect to your new class

The new school year is here (although the weather seems to think otherwise!)

September always brings excitement, change and sometimes nerves into our lives as we kick-start our routine for the new term.

It can seem overwhelming for teachers and school staff, with timetables, meetings and getting to know 30+ new children on the cards. We've been there!

It is worth bearing in mind that this is also a challenging time for children. Some may have had a whirlwind summer and feel sad about coming back, many may be wary of the prospect of a new teacher, and some may be just plain excited!

So how to manage all of these feelings AND connect to your class?

It sounds like a lot, but these mindful activities we've collated are perfect to:

- emotionally regulate (children and adults)

- bring awareness to the body, away from thoughts, calming the mind

- connect to other students and the teacher

1. Mirrors

Research has shown that this activity regulates the nervous system, and is a great way to build trust with a group or partner.

  • Get the class into pairs.

  • Students face their partner a comfortable distance apart.

  • Choose who will be the mirror (person with longest hair?!

  • Put some calming music on.

  • Moving slowly, copy the exact movements of your partner.

  • Time for 1 minute, then ask students to stand still with their partner.

  • Switch roles.

2. Back to back breath

Get the class into pairs.

  • Students sit back to back with their partner.


  • Can they find their partners breath? Feel it rather than listen to it?

  • Can they feel the breath in and breath out?

  • Can they make their breath slower? Calmer, like the waves of the ocean?

  • Older children: Ask for 10 slow synchronised breaths

3. Pass the Kindness

  • Give students a post it note

  • Explain that kindness is a superpower that we can spread, in doing so it helps US and OTHERS feel good!

  • Ask them to move around the room to music.

  • When the music stops, go to the person nearest to you, and write them something kind on your note.

  • Everyone should have a note.

  • Repeat with thank yous, compliments ect.

Whether you are a teacher, children's yoga teacher, support staff or parent we really hope these are helpful for you and your children.

Our mission is to hand children tools to live a more mindful life. One space we believe this is very important is with educators. Coming from an education background, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities that educators face, and strive to bring mindfulness and yoga into the school day in a way that benefits adults and children. ​

We work with schools and educators to to bring mindfulness to the forefront of your school setting through:

- Workshops & Training (COMING SOON!)

- Ongoing support

-Yoga clubs and after-school programmes

-Yoga for Teachers & Staff

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