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10 magical benefits of Savasana for children

Savasana or 'corpse pose' is often practiced lying down, arms to sides and referred to as a relaxation. Many people refer to it as the most important pose in class, yet it is known as one of the most challenging poses for kids (and adults!) as we navigate the thoughts in our restless minds.

When else do we lie still, in silence, with our thoughts as company?

“The stresses of modern civilisation are a strain on the nerves for which śavāsana is the best antidote” BKS Iyengar.

But like many hard things in life, savasana has huge benefits. We love savasana so much that we wanted to share them here with you!

Benefits of Savasana for Kids

1. Activates the Parasympathetic Nervous System, leaving us feeling relaxed and refreshed

2. Lowers blood pressure, calms heart rate to healthy function

3. Promotes emotional regulation, meditation, and inner calm

4. Gives time and space for reflection

5. Allows children to befriend their minds and thoughts

6. Relieves stress and tension from the body and mind

7. Promotes better concentration

8. Shows children they do not need to rush or hurry through life

9. Helps promote sleep through restoring balance in the body-mind

10. Is a tool that can be used by children into their adult lives, where stress and anxiety will likely increase as their life gets more complex!

Teaching Savasana to Kids

Want to try Savasana at home? Here are some helpful hints to make it fun and impactful for your child(ren) or class.

  1. Do some yoga movement or poses first, this will prepare the body for rest

  2. Make sure they are warm enough (blankets, layers!)

  3. Lie down together, and guide them to get comfortable - they don't have to lie on their back if they don't want to, lots of my students lie on their sides or front

  4. Offer a teddy or toy to cuddle, or place on the belly for breath feedback

  5. Play music or set a time, this will help with focus

  6. Afterward, finish with a gratitude practice, Om or reflection on how it went!

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