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Kids Yoga


We hold interactive, fun and impactful yoga for children aged 6 - 12 years old. 

This is a great age for children to start a more regular practice, and with our curriculum each class is meaningful! 

Kids yoga classes for 6-12 year olds (Primary School kids) are a chance for children to go deeper into their personal practice. 


Yoga can help this age group of children to relax, sleep better and listen to their bodies, among a host of other benefits. For more information see here.


Classes are run using our trauma-informed curriculum and children are often split according to age group (6-8, 9-12). This means they are accessible, impactful and give students the equipment to listen to their individual needs. 

What is it?

Tash and The Calm Club have been teaching our family since the start of the pandemic.

The yoga is always fun and ends in a relaxation, with lots of imagination along the way.


I would highly recommend trying it out if you're lucky enough to have her close by!

Peter, Vancouver

What we offer

We are committed to making yoga accessible to all children through:

  • After school clubs

  • During school PE lessons

  • Lunchtime clubs

  • In school mindful interventions

  • Whole school wellbeing days

  • Training for sports teams

  • Zoom classes

  • Studio classes and workshops

  • Pre-recorded content for brain breaks

  • Parties and special events

  • & More! 

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