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Toddler Yoga

The benefits of yoga know no age limits: We  run parent and toddler classes in Bristol & Stroud where mums, dads, carers, aunties, uncles, and grannies, all are welcome!

What is it?
Playing with Toys

Parent and child yoga gives you the space to relax and enjoy the practice alongside your little one, providing a lovely opportunity to bond with each other, connect to the body and breathe. 


Yoga can help children (and adults!) to relax and even sleep better so come along and find ways to calm and settle together.


We’ll explore yoga poses to develop strength, balance, and coordination and also learn how the breath can be used to calm ourselves.


These classes are a chance to discover yoga playfully through stories, games and songs. Every class closes with a mini relaxation (savasana). All the while providing a space gain confidence and develop their creative self-expression.

Toddler yoga with the Calm Club is fun, energising and at the same time manages to get us all relaxed.

The combination of games, songs, and stories is great. 

I love coming with my two children - it's definitely an activity that's worth making time for!

Robyn, Bristol

Parent & Toddler classes
Wednesdays, 9.45-10.30am, 
Stroud Sky Yoga
Join us every Wednesday to breathe, move and stretch together.
2-4 (ish) years old.
What you'll see...
  • Improved fine motor skills 

  • Improved interaction with other young children

  • A chance to relax (for both of you!)

  • Your child learning age-appropriate breathing and meditation techniques that contribute to wellbeing

  • Nurturing play that is cooperative and encourages dynamic listening skills

  • The beginning of your toddler's yoga journey, and a toolbox that will stay with your child for life, on and off the mat!

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