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Teens Yoga


We hold engaging and impactful yoga for children aged 13+ years. 

This is age is perfect for teens to move deeper into their practice with discussions, reflection and  seeing how yoga is more than just a mat practice. 

Our teenagers did a 4-week block of yoga with The Calm Club, and I have to say, the difference was great. 

They self-reported feeling more focussed, calmer and better equipped for school. We will be booking again.

Rob, Fraser Academy Secondary School

What is it?

Kids yoga classes for 13+ year olds are a chance for teenagers to explore their bodies and minds in a safe, nurturing environment. 


Yoga can help teenagers to relax from the stresses of exams, help form better relationships and sleep better among a host of other benefits. For more information see here.


Classes are run using our trauma-informed teens curriculum. This means they are accessible, impactful and give students the equipment to listen to their individual needs. 

Image by Gaelle Marcel
How Teens benefit...
  • Increased strength, flexibility and coordination

  • Increased body awareness and in turn, increased body confidence in many

  • Reduction of stress and anxiety

  • Increased focus for longer periods of time 

  • Better sleep quality

  • Greater ability to manage emotions and relationships with peers and self

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